Refereed Publications

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Special Issues Edited

Forth.   “Idealization, Representation, and Explanation Across the Sciences,” co-editor with Melissa Jacquart, and Martin Zach. Forthcoming Special Issue of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.

Forth.   “John Norton’s Material Theory of Induction and Beyond,” co-editor with Wendy Parker, Forthcoming Special Issue of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.

2019. “Infinite Idealization in Science,” co-editor with Laura Ruetsche, Samuel Fletcher, and Patricia Palacios. Special Issue of Synthese.

Book Reviews

2014     Shech, Elay. “Review of Chunglin Kwa’s, Styles of Knowing: A New History of Science from Ancient Times to the Present (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011),” History of Philosophy of Science, Spring 2014 issue (vol. 4, number 1). doi: 10.1086/675384

2019     Shech, Elay. “Review of John Wright’s An Epistemic Foundation for Scientific Realism (Springer, 2018), British Journal for Philosophy of Science Review of Books

2019     Shech, Elay. “Review of K. Brad Wray’s Resisting Scientific Realism (Cambridge University Press, 2018), Philosophia

Invited Publications

2019     Shech, Elay, with Laura Ruetsche, Samuel Fletcher, and Patricia Palacios. “Infinite Idealizations in Science: An Introduction.” Synthese  May 2019, Volume 196, Issue 5, pp 1657–1669.

2018     Shech, Elay. “Teaching & Learning Guide for: Infinite Idealizations in Physics.” Philosophy Compass.

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